Cerberus leader
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Game: Manhunt
Name: Cerberus leader
Group: Cerberus
Location(s): Starkweather’s estate
Weapon(s): Assault rifleheavy handgun
Vehicle(s): Cerberus van
Allies: Lionel Starkweather
Enemies: James Earl Cash
Status: Deceased (killed by James Earl Cash)
Voiced by: Brian Maillard
The unnamed leader of the Cerberus is the tertiary antagonist in Manhunt. He and his team are ex-NSA agents who protect Starkweather and his mansion, as well as help out in the snuff films by transporting James Earl Cash from location to location. He also acts as a hired hitman with an advert for his services in the Valiant Video Enterprises catalogue.


When James is freed from death row to participate in a film, the Cerberus leader and his team are assigned to capture James after each "hunt" and take him to the next location. When James is on the run and the SWAT have him cornered, the Cerberus arrive and kill the SWAT members and the Cerberus leader tasers James and takes him back to Starkweather’s estate.

James breaks free and at the same time, so does Piggsy, so the Cerberus leader takes hold of the key to the elevator to prevent anyone reaching Starkweather. James then finds him in the mansion and kills him to get the key.

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