Dr. Pickman
Game: Manhunt 2
Name: Dr. Pickman
Nationality: American
Group: Scientists
Location(s): Dixmor AsylumProjects Laboratories
Business(es): Pickman Project
Weapon(s): Tranquilizer gun
Allies: Dr. WhyteMichael GrantWatchdogsOrderlies
Enemies: Leo KasperDaniel Lamb
Status: Deceased (killed by Leo Kasper)
Voiced by: Richmond Hoxie

Dr. Pickman is the secondary antagonist of Manhunt 2 and head scientist of the Pickman Project. When Daniel Lamb and Leo Kasper escape, Pickman is the one that orders the Watchdogs, Bloodhounds and more to capture or kill them.


He is a heartless and cruel person, caring little about the suffering that his experiments cause on his test subjects.


Dr. Pickman founded the Project as research for the goverment in defending America, by turning people into assassins through mental changes. Daniel Lamb had the idea of implanting a second personality into a mind that can be triggered at will, so Pickman and Lamb worked close in the lab until Pickman invented the Pickman bridge. After a funding cut, due to the Project's controversal methods, Danny volunteered for the final experiment. Pickman decided to use the personality of Leo Kasper to implant in Danny's mind, however the bridge malfuntioned and Leo could control Danny. Leo goes to war with the Project and a manhunt begins. Pickman finally finds Danny at his house right after Leo killed Danny's wife, so Pickman orders the house to be torched and Danny's memory to be erased.

Danny and Leo were locked away in Dixmor Asylum, until six years later they are able to escape during a riot. Pickman tries to have Danny taken back to his cell, but he gets away and soon after, Pickman calls a hitsquad to take them both out because he can't take the risk of what Leo might do. Pickman hides out at the labs, until Danny kills the guards and gets inside. He then chants a hipnotic phrase over the speakers that is able to send Danny into a sleep. When he wakes up however, he escapes custody and then shoots out all the speakers before confronting Pickman and knocking him out with a tranquilizer gun. Leo then confonts him and tries to have him remove the Pickman bridge but he refuses. He tries to get Leo to allow him to speak to Danny, but when Leo refuses, he tries the hipnotic phrase again, but Leo stabs him to death.

Pickman later reappears as one of the ghosts of Danny's past, when Danny battles Leo in his own mind.


  • Dr. Pickman may be a refference to a character in one of H.P Lovecraft's short stories entitled "The Pickman's Model".

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