Judy Sender
Game: Manhunt 2
Name: Judy Sender
Nationality: American
Location(s): Honey Pot
Business(es): The Project
Weapon(s): Crowbar
Allies: Daniel LambDr. PickmanPervsPimpsWatchdogs
Enemies: Leo KasperBloodhounds
Status: Deceased (killed by the Bloodhounds)
Voiced by: Jordin Ruderman

Judy Sender is a character in Manhunt 2 and scientist working for The Project, as well as friend of Daniel Lamb. She works as a recruiter for The Project, by finding test subjects and soldiers from The Project's businesses, like clubs and brothels. She was killed by the Bloodhounds.



She is first seen afters Danny decides to follow a clue he left behind in is Old House. After their arrive at the Strip Club and Fetish Dungeon], they start to search for Judy but have to deal with the Pervs, who work for the Project. They eventually found her. Judy tells Danny to go to the safe house after she knows that the Pickman Pridge malfunctioned, and goes away out of scene, scared after she knows about that.

After Danny goes to the Safe House, Danny decides to go to the Bees Honey Pot to search again for Judy but the place is heavily protected by the Pimps, and later by the Watchdogs, after one member of the Pimps calls for a reforce from the Project, but Danny kills them. Judy is trapped by Danny on the rooftop of the Brothel, but before tell something about Danny's past, she is killed by the Bloodhounds that arrive on the Brothel to silence her.


  • An early version of Judy looked much different. She originally wore a gimp suit. Her original design can be seen in the first teaser. It is unknown why her design was different. It is most likely because her role in the story was different.

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