Lionel Starkweather
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Game: Manhunt
Name: Lionel Starkweather
Also known as: The Director
Nationality: British
Location(s): Starkweather’s Estate
Business(es): Valiant Video Enterprises
Weapon(s): Revolver
Vehicle(s): Sentinel
Allies: Cerberus leaderCerberusRamirezGary SchafferWhite RabbitMr. NastyTramp
Enemies: James Earl CashJournalist
Status: Deceased (killed by James Earl Cash)
Voiced by: Brian Cox

Lionel Starkweather, also known as the Director, is a major character and main antagonist of Manhunt. Starkweather is an extremely rich snuff film director, who controls Carcer City. He pays off police cheif Gary Schaffer to allow gangs to occupy the streets, which he uses in his films. He lives in a large mansion, where he monitors and films each "hunt" through surveilance cameras placed throughout the city and has a private army of ex-NSA agents called the Cerberus to protect him and his estate.


Starkweather was a former Vinewood director until his movies begun to flop. He soon went insane and begun filming snuff and pornographic film to sell on the black market. His new found success made him very rich and able to form an underground film industry, Valiant Video Enterprises. At some point, he got revenge on those who ruined his career by having them brutally murdered for Starkweather's "director's cut" collection.

Events of ManhuntEdit

Starkweather decides to use a known killer, James Earl Cash in his new movie, so pays off the prison staff and has him freed. He talks to Cash through an earpiece to give him instructions, while he watches from his mansion through surveilance cameras. Starkweather goes as far as to have Cash's family kidnapped for Cash to rescue, only to have them killed anyway and shows the footage to Cash.

When Starkweather tries to have Cash killed and Cash fights back, he orders Gary Schaffer to sent cops after him. Cash soon makes it to Starkweather's mansion and kills all the Cerberus guards. Starkweather tries to defend himself with a revolver, but is killed and left with a chainsaw enlodged in his back.

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