Michael Grant
Game: Manhunt 2
Name: Michael Grant
Also known as: Mikey
Nationality: African-American
Group: Scientists
Location(s): Project laboratories
Business(es): The Project
Weapon(s): Flaregun
Vehicle(s): Reefer
Allies: Daniel LambDr. PickmanDr. Whyte
Enemies: Leo KasperProject Militia
Status: Deceased (killed by Leo Kasper)
Voiced by: Baron Vaughn
Michael Grant is a character in Manhunt 2 and former best friend and work collegue of Daniel Lamb.



Michael worked for The Project alongside Danny, Dr. Whyte and Dr. Pickman and was involved in implanting Leo Kasper into Danny's mind. However when Leo tries to take over Danny's mind, The Project uses Michael as bait and has him meet Danny at Blackwell Island, home of the Fisto Sugar Manufactory Depot, where Danny threatens him at gun point, in an attempt to make him remove the Pickman bridge.

When Danny reverts back to himself, Michael knocks the gun out of his hand and into the water and then grabs a flaregun from the deck, aiming it at Danny. The Project Militia then arrive in helicopters and decide to eliminate both Danny and Michael, so Michael hides in the factory, where Leo chases him. Michael is then taken hostage by the Militia, until Leo kills the guards and Michael advances deeper into the factory until Leo corners him, before Leo shoots and kills Michael.



Michael later makes an appearance in Danny's mind alongside Pickman, when Danny tries to rid Leo from his mind and Danny must kill Michael's ghost in his conscience.

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