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Game: Manhunt
Name: Ramirez
Nationality: Latino-American
Group: Wardogs
Location(s): Wardogs apartment
Business(es): Valiant Video Enterprises
Weapon(s): Shotgunsniper rifle
Allies: Lionel StarkweatherInnocentz
Enemies: James Earl CashSkinz
Status: Deceased (killed by James Earl Cash)
Voiced by: Chris McKinney
Ramirez is a major character and the secondary antagonist of in Manhunt. He is leader of the Wardogs and also works for Starkweather, by organizing each gang for the snuff films and telling them where to position themselves.


Ramirez is a war veteran and soon begun working for Starkweather, starring in his own movie titled, "Let's Play 'Ramirez Sez'".

Events of ManhuntEdit

When Starkweather freed Cash from death row, Ramirez was sent to prepare each gang. First he heads to Dentons City Junkyard, to confront a group of white supremists known as the Skinz. One of them shows a hint of dislike for Ramirez because of his race, so Ramirez breaks his neck, killing him. He then tells the other to "give Mr. Starkweather a show to remember". He later returns to his Wardogs, instructing them to get ready for Cash's arrival. After that he is seen at the church, sending the Innocentz into various groups and sending them off to different locations.

After Cash escapes, Ramirez is informed and ordered to take care of him, so he finds Cash and gives him a beating in an alleyway. He decides to toy with him by letting him loose in a closed off area with his Wardogs, while Ramirez positions himself on the top floor of a nearby apartment building with a sniper rifle to try and shoot Cash. Cash however, kills many Wardogs and makes his way up the building but Ramirez doubles back and heads downstairs. Cash follows and eventually kills Ramirez.

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