Stanley Grex
Grex's corpse after his assassination
Game: Manhunt 2
Name: Stanley Grex
Location(s): Maibatzu Plaza
Allies: The ProjectProject Militia
Enemies: Daniel LambLeo Kasper
Status: Deceased (killed by Daniel Lamb)
Mr. Stanley Grex is a minor character in Manhunt 2, appearing briefly in a flashback sequence before being assassinated by Daniel Lamb, to end The Project's funding.


Stanley Grex was a rich businessman who begun helping The Project when they lost their funding from the goverment. After Leo declares war on the Project after the events at Blackwell Island, he convinces Danny to kill Grex. As Grex is walking across the Maibatzu Plaza in City Center, he is shot in the head by Danny with a sniper rifle from a high office of a Project skyscraper. The Project Militia arrive and check the body before they begin to search for the shooter.

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