The Asylum Ordelies
Game: Manhunt 2
Name: The Ordelies
Also known as: Asylum Ordeies
Asylum Staff (game credits)
Type: Nurses
Asylum Staff
Members: Rezniek
Front(s): Dixmor Hospital for the Criminally Insane
Allies: The Project
Dr. Pickman
Laura Whyte
Dr. Deborah
Enemies: Daniel Lamb
Leo Kasper
The Legion
Voiced by: Bill Hill
Pablo Schreiber
Cornell Womack

The Asylum Orderlies are a group of security hunters that appear in Manhunt 2. The Orderlies and the nurses oversee the patients of Dixmor Asylum, of which includes Danny and Leo.


Their intentions are truly twisted, they do their job mainly for the money, and are usually seen assaulting and taunting the escaped patients with Nightsticks. They don't appear to be very skilled in hunting or hand-to-hand combat. Overall, they couldn't care less about the patients or what happens to them.



After Danny kills his wife, an ordelie is seen in the Lamb's residence, along with Dr. Pickman.



After power failure, a riot begins at Dixmor Asylum and a battle begins between the Inmates and the Orderlies. Danny kills many orderlies and inmates as he makes his way to the elevator when he heads up to a higher floor, in order to escape from the asylum.


  • An early design of the Orderlies looked slightly different. They wore light blue coats, white pants, white shoes and watches on their right arms. The first orderlies face was slightly altered. The second orderly had a moustache. The third's hair was more messy. Their original design can be seen in the ending cutscene for Domestic Disturbance and in the PS2 beta, Leo is seen strangling one in the beginning cutscene in Origins.

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