The Legion
Game: Manhunt 2
Name: The Legion
Also known as: N/A
Type: Insane Asylum Gang
Members: ?
Front(s): Dixmor Hospital for the Criminally Insane
Danny's Mind
Allies: Dixmor Inmates
Daniel Lamb
Enemies: Daniel Lamb
Leo Kasper
Asylum Ordelies
Voiced by: Geoffrey Arend
Brian Avers
Danny Burstein
Jeffrey Hawkins
Charles Parnell
Reg Rogers

The Legion is a gang made up of Dixmor Inmates and failed Project experiments.


They're more of a crazy alliance than hunters. Some are heard saying biblical phrases, while others keep asking for their head to be fixed.



After power failure, a riot begins at Dixmor Asylum and a battle begins between the Inmates and the Orderlies. Some of them will try to kill Danny, but all of them fail and them they get killed by the same after that.

Alternate EndingEdit

In Danny's Mind, they're appear this time as a securities of Leo Kasper's cell, but Leo found a way to kill the guard in the front of the cell. The other members later tried to stop Leo, but Leo manages a way again to kill all of the members. Later, he manages to go to the room where Danny is, and kills him in the process, gaining the personality clash war, and Daniel's body forever.


  • The Legion originally played a big role in Domestic Disturbance. Danny had to kill three Project Scientists, and the Project Scientists sent out the Legion to patrol the streets. They originally wore brown coats and masks with crosses on their backs.
  • The Legion gang members originaly looked like Leo, and originaly Leo have a less detailed face, as seem in some pics and easter eggs.

Original DesignEdit

The beta version of Manhunt features legion members who look like Leo.

A corpse can be found killed by the elevator in the final version.

Pcsx2-r5875 2014-06-25 14-56-02-59

Beta Legion's dead corpse.

A legion removed from the level "Domestic Distrubance", still exists in the game's files.

Manhunt2 2014-06-25 14-46-33-49

The legion member who was supposed to appear in "Domestic Disturbance".


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