The Project Militia
Game: Manhunt 2
Name: Project Militia
Type: Mercenaries
Members: Spaulding
Allies: The Project
Dr. Pickman
Enemies: Daniel Lamb
Leo Kasper
Michael Grant
Voiced by: Jordan Bridges
Kevin Carrigan
Kevin Merill Wilson
Matt McCarthy
Zak Orth
Ed Trucco

The Project Militia are a group hired by The Project. They are hired with the porpouse of hunting down both Daniel Lamb and Leo Kasper. They only appear in flashback episodes.


They are "ghost" agents, an personal military force hired by The Project during 2006 (or before that date). Their existence is plausibly deniable, since they have no identity, and since there's no mention of them in actual non-flashback episodes, the group can be (or probably) considered as dead. They are very well trained, have a lot of support through land and sky, and mostly are hunting down in groups. They are motivated more by money, though they are really loyal to The Project.



They are sended to Blackwell Island in order to hunt down Danny, Leo, and Michael Grant. They first appear in a helicopter, then they start to hunt them. They capture Michael with such ease, however they failed to capture both Danny and Leo, leading to a large killing spree left on the fabric, and the Militia losing some power, and men.

Later, at the Downtown area of Cottonmouth, in Maibatsu Plaza they are sended again to hunt down Danny and Leo after both of them assinated Stanley Grex from Maibatsu Corporation. They spot Danny in a window of the Plaza holding the crime weapon, and them they start to hunt down them again, but they fail again, killing the rest of the Project Militia members.



Since there are not a single mention about Project Militia, it's possible that the group are disbanded, or that they aren't anymore Project's personal military force, problaby replaced by both Bloodhounds and Watchdogs.


  • In a very early version of the game, they shared a very similiar design to Cerberus, another mercenary group from the first game. They wore yellowish- green goggles, black gloves and black armor, with the Project logo on them. Some audio files for the Project Miltia have them commenting on wearing masks, which is a reference to their original design.
  • Although six voices are credited for the members of Project Militia, the retail version only use 4 of them. The early leaked beta version of PS2 also uses an additional one, making 5 of them usable in all versions founded. The remaining voice remais a mistery.