White Rabbit
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Game: Manhunt
Manhunt 2 (corpse)
Name: White Rabbit
Nationality: American
Location(s): Darkwoods Penitentiary
Business(es): Valiant Video Enterprises
Weapon(s): Shotgun
Allies: SmileysCerberus
Enemies: James Earl Cash
Status: Deceased (killed by James Earl Cash)
Voiced by: Renaud Sebbane
The White Rabbit is a man dressed up in a rabbit suit and antagonist in Manhunt. He is a reoccuring star of Starkweather's films. Strangely, his corpse can be seen briefly in Manhunt 2 hanging from the ceiling in the TVMK studio.


The White Rabbit starred in snuff films for Valiant Video Enterprises, such as "White Rabbit Down the Hole" and "Here Bunny Bunny Bunny". He makes an appearance in the movie with James Earl Cash, who encounters him at the asylum along side the Smileys. James is told to follow him and the White Rabbit leads him into multiple traps, where he is ambushed by packs of Smileys, until one point where Starkweather had planned to kill off James, but James fights back and survives. To escape the asylum, he must get hold off the key, which is carried by the Rabbit. The White Rabbit then hides in the tower with some Cerberus, while wielding a shotgun, but James kills him.

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